Linux Genealogy Desktop CD 6.1 / GRAMPS 3.2.5

A couple of pieces of news, that are somewhat tied together.

First off, last week, GRAMPS 3.2.5 was released and is called the “I intend to live forever” bug fix release:
* Fix Gramps so it again runs with Python 2.5
* Write all notes and sources to gedcom files
* cli fixes (Command Line Interface)
* GeneWeb and LegacyGedcom fixes
* NarrativeWeb fixes
* Memory leak fixes
* Various other small fixes
* Many translation updates

GRAMPS ( which stands for Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System, is a free/open source genealogy application written in Python, that supports Linux, BSD, Solaris, Windows, and Mac OS X.

You can download GRAMPS here (SourceForge)

Also, just a few days ago, Linux Genealogy CD 6.1 was released, and it includes GRAMPS 3.2.5. It is based on Ubuntu 10.10. Linux Genealogy Desktop CD allows you to either run some genealogy software off of a CD (aka the Live CD), or to permanently install the genealogy software and Linux onto your computer. It does include GraphViz which is responsible for drawing the charts and graphs within GRAMPS.

For more information and download links, see the Linux Genealogy CD at page.

Keep in mind that while the Linux Genealogy Desktop CD is obviously Linux-related, GRAMPS itself can be run on Windows and Mac OS X (and even Solaris).

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Site News – November 15, 2010

The update and re-organizing took a little longer than expected – part of this involves migrating the whole of Genealogy Software News over here along with another website that is older and is not running a CMS – it’s running straight-up HTML pages, which means there is a lot of importing by hand going on.

You may have seen a few hundred posts pop up here recently stretching back a few years, and then be taken offline. Long story short, I’m making sure that Google and other search engines don’t register the same content on two different sites, because there are penalties involved. I had to take things back offline for a few months, but now it’s back on track and you should see newer and older stories popping back up in the archives as I verify that they were removed from the other sites and that Google, etc, are no longer register them as belonging to those other sites.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

As a result of the upgrade, some pages are still out of date or formatted strangely, and it will be corrected hopefully before December

Due to the software and template upgrades, this website is best viewed in newer versions of Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, or Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.

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Family Tree Maker 2011 Service Pack 1

Earlier today, released a massive update for Family Tree Maker 2011, Family Tree Maker 2011 Service Pack 1.

* General performance improvements throughout the program
* Performance improvements to Web merge
* Decreased the number of full refreshes of the Person index during data manipulation
* Better support for name fact formatting in Genealogy reports
* Better support for high DPI settings
* Better support of name suffixes on GEDCOM imports
* Greater support for reference IDs added to Filter dialog and Find dialog
* Greater support added for NGS and Timeline reports in books when imported from previous version

New Features
* Re-enabled right-click functionality in Web Search
* New option added to Options dialog to enable/disable enhancing merged images from
* Support for abbreviations “b”, “B” and “Canceled”
* Enabled right-click options in the task list

* Resolved issue of media not being merge properly during Web merge
* Resolved issue where user is unable to modify reference notes in Sources workspace
* Resolved memory usage and performance problems with larger images in Smart Stories
* Resolved problem with wrong item in source list being selected when scrolling through list
* Fixed problem with pre-Table of Contents pages numbering incorrectly
* Resolved issue with incorrect chapter title appearing in books when chapter is on odd-numbered page
* Resolved problem where incorrect task was selected in list after a task was deleted
* Resolved issue of extra media links appearing after file import
* Resolved issue with “Arabic out of range” message in some reports
* Resolved issue where media could be deleted if added to new citation that was then cancelled
* Fixed relationship notes so they are imported as general notes instead of research notes
* Resolved issue where sources for non-vital facts were not showing up in Genealogy reports
* Resolved performance and refreshing issues when merging duplicate people
* Resolved issue with multiple empty pages in book preview after importing file from previous version
* Fixed script errors in Ancestry Member Tree download
* Resolved AKA and Title issues in Data Errors Report

You can either update it within the program or download the following patch:
2000368-2000376.exe (direct link to patch) (direct link to patch – zipped)

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RootsMagic has been released.

This update to RootsMagic 4 (a Windows/PC genealogy application) contains a lot of fixes and updates.

As usual, you can click in the RootsMagic menu, then Help > Check for Updates or you can download the update here ( It should automatically download/prompt you though.

* Edit screen now displays place details in fact list
* Name and place indexes now print in Individual List report
* FTM import now brings in citations which had no master source in FTM
* Added option to paste into notes using plain text (option is at Tools > Program options)
* Alternate names are now included in narrative websites
* Parents of spouses in descendant narrative websites are now included (ex: Jane Doe, daughter of John Doe and Mary Smith, …)
* Separated “Reserved” from “Need more info” on NFS statuses
* Added Descendant List report option to just show birth and death year
* Additional checking for duplicates when reserving ordinances in NFS

* Hover style fixed for some links in generated websites
* Fixed a few source issues in websites
* Children of cousin marriages in narrative descendant reports are numbered properly now
* Fixed a wordwrap issue with “About” text for shareable CDs
* Fixed a problem with some new temples getting duplicated multiple times in the temple list
* Photo description doesn’t get lost in GEDCOM import / drag and drop when the image has a date entered
* Nickname delimiter (quotes vs parens) are honored in report titles
* Fixed crashing when running the “Fix broken media links” from the little camera icon in the info panel at the top of screen
* Wallcharts honor the selected date format now
* NFS AutoMatch could crash if a large number of people were already matched with NFS
* Fixed problem with horizontal scroll bar sometimes not appearing on child list in family view
* Removed disputing from New FamilySearch
* Fixed a number of issues when copying relatives back and forth between RM and NFS

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The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding 8.0.2

The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding Version 8 has been updated to version 8.0.2.

TNG is an genealogy application that uses a MySQL database and PHP to add, edit, and display your genealogy information. While it is normally used on family websites, you can run it offline provided you have the appropriate server software installed, such as WAMP (Windows) or MAMP (Mac OS X).

Version 8.0.2 of TNG has quite a few fixes and improvements as you can see below. The main ones include fixes to help with TNG running inside of a CMS (Content Management System), along with various other fixes.

Changes Read the rest of this post… »

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