Res Privata

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Publisher’ s Description: easy to use application for filtering private data from your genealogy data (GEDCOM or GED) files.

Using Res Privata, you can filter the details of your original GEDCOM file and create a new file ready for sharing with other genealogists or publishing on the Internet.

Requirements: Windows 3.1 (below version 2.0), Windows 95+ (version 2.0 and above)
Cost: free of charge for use by students, private individuals, and employees of charitable non-profit organisations. A small license fee is payable for any commercial or corporate use.

Version History

v2.4.1 – 9 August 2004
* Added product version to log output.
* Updated contact information in help file.
v2.4.0 – 1 May 2004
* Added option to choose location of log file.
* Fixed erroneous removal of ordinance details from submission records.
* Improved log output.
v1.0.1 – 25 August 1998
* Final 16 bit version.
* Changed wording of year based options.


Both Windows 3.1 and Windows 95+ –

Features (According to Publisher)

* Automatically removes birth details for living persons.
* Provides an option to replace names of living persons.
* Provides options to remove death details, marriage details, adoption details, notes, source citations and multimedia links.
* Provides comprehensive choices to control exactly what birth, death, marriage and adoption details are removed, including the start year for data removal.
* Removes all references to sensitive information, including unused GEDCOM tags – which provides greater compatibility with dynamic GEDCOM to HTML generators and also helps reduce the size of your GEDCOM files.
* Keeps GEDCOM files GEDCOM Standard Release 5.5 compliant with an option to remove user-defined and non-standard tags and data.
* Saves your options so that you don’t have to set them more than once. If you have several GEDCOM files, you can save options for each GEDCOM file. Alternatively, you can save different options for either sharing with close family members or publishing on the Internet.
* Filters an unlimited number of records in each GEDCOM file.
* Keeps your original GEDCOM file intact by creating a new filtered copy.
* Automatically detects GEDCOM files created in UNIX and converts them to DOS/Windows format.
* Includes a GEDCOM file viewer.
* Works with GEDCOM files complying with GEDCOM Standard Release 5.5, and has been tested with GEDCOM files created by Brother’s Keeper, EasyTree, Family Tree Maker and Personal Ancestral File.
* Output GEDCOM files can be used with popular genealogy database applications and GEDCOM to HTML generators for publishing on the Internet. Output has been tested with Brother’s Keeper, Family Tree Maker, Gedpage, GED2HTML, GED2WWW and Personal Ancestral File.