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Custodian II for Family Historians and Genealogists. ..was released in 1998 and was constantly developed and expanded over the next few years until 2003, when it was re-written with later components to allow for further development and then released as Custodian 3

Custodian 3released in December 2003 and has a growing reputation and user-base. It contains more data entry forms, more functionality and more flexibility than version 2 and will continue to be developed in the future (any updates to the program are available as free downloads to registered users).

Custodian is not a family tree program, but a series of databases with pre-defined forms, specially designed to store genealogical information. Every genealogist and family historian collects masses of information over the years, not necessarily directly relevant to one’s own family history. Indeed, people undertaking one-name studies purposely collect as much information on a name as possible. Custodian uses several databases, all designed to store information from most UK sources. All you need to do is enter your data and let Custodian do the rest.

Custodian II runs on Windows 95 and above, Custodian 3 requires Windows 98 Second Edition and above. Shareware.

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Note from Genealogy Software Guide (Sep 12, 2005) – We got in touch with the publishers of Custodian 3 about Custodian 3’s status, and received this response: Yes, we are still developing version 3 and will be for some time. Version II is also still for sale, though this is not being developed.

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