Family Reunion Organizer

This page last updated: 12 March 2007

Developer: RootsMagic, Inc. (same people behind RootsMagic)
Official Site:
Current Version/Last Updated: Version 1.02 (Version history at official site) Unsure when last updated.
Requires: Windows 95/98/ME/XP
Cost: $29.95 (USD) + Shipping and Handling
Demo/Download: (limit of 5 families, other limitations)

Support Forum (

Official Program Description: Family Reunion Organizer provides a step by step check list to guide you thru the entire planning process.

Overview at

Dick Eastman Online (Feb 2000) – I was impressed with the program. If you have ever helped organize a family reunion, you will appreciate the many features this software provides. If you are thinking of organizing a reunion in the future, you could save yourself a lot of wasted effort if you obtain this Windows program first. The program also handles multiple reunions, in case you are involved in more than just one.
Along Those Lines (April 2000) – Mentioned in an article about family reunions.