Developer’s Description:

GEDCOMS TO GO, or GED2GO for short, is a program that helps you prepare a GEDCOM file for public distribution. GED2GO has two primary functions: (1) living persons are removed from the GEDCOM, and (2) an estimated birth date range is added to all individuals who lack one. GED2GO has these features:

    * GED2GO completely removes the record of a living person, together with all references to that individual which might occur within another record.
    * GED2GO automatically determines which individuals are living.
    * GED2GO adds an estimated birth date range to every individual in the GEDCOM that lacks a birth date.
    * In most cases, the only user input required is the filename of the input and output GEDCOM.
    * Missing dates are estimated from relatives’ data.
    * All dates, and family relations as distant as necessary, are used to make estimates.
    * Standard date modifiers, such as ABT, BEF, AFT, or BET are taken into account.
    * Most non-standard date formats are also deciphered.

Note: GED2GO does not alter or remove any note, source, submitter, or other information that is not within the record of a deleted individual

* GED2GO completely deletes living persons rather than just withholding details.
* GED2GO automatically determines which persons are probably still alive, even if dates are missing. Missing dates are estimated from all available relatives’ data.
* An estimated birth date range for every individual makes your data much more useful to other researchers.
* If you want, you can manually add or remove particular individuals from the list of living persons.

Latest Version: 4.0.1 (May 27th, 2005)

Cost: $8.00 (shareware). Can be tested for free upto 60 days.

Requirements: Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP or later

Download:Developer’s Page