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Publisher’s Description: …is the industry-leading program which automates the task of “cleaning” the personal information about living individuals from a GEDCOM file containing genealogical data.

If you share genealogical data with other people, you very often save it in GEDCOM format so that other people or programs can use it. But if you are sharing it with strangers, especially if you are putting it on the web, you will probably make your living relatives very unhappy if you include personal details about them.

Requirements: Windows 95+, 2MB of disk space (There is an older 16-Bit/Windows 3.x version available)
Cost: $9.95 ($14.95 for CD) (16-Bit/Windows 3.x version is free)

Features (According to Publisher)

* Long file name support.
* Supports large (over 20,000 names) GEDCOM Files
* Recognizes individuals marked as “Alive”
* Analyzes GEDCOM files based on dates of “Life Events”
* Recognizes date or place of death in GEDCOM files
* Can prompt you for individuals with no dates
* Now more information available in prompts
* New Automatic option can elimitate all prompts
* Cleans all information about living individuals, except name, gender, and relationships
* Optionally, can clean the name, as well
* Full-featured on-line help facility for instant answers

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