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Update: Nov 23
* We’ve put together a much more useable, logical theme, and will be publishing it so the website a few days after Thanksgiving. Then we’ll push a lot of information to the site (finally) that we’ve been sitting on.

We hope everybody has a happy Thanksgiving (or a happy Thursday and Friday if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving)!

Update: Nov 16
* Fixed a large number of broken links leftover from the file structure re-organization.

Update: Nov 8
* Added GenMerge – Windows Genealogical Merge Utility (GEDCOMs)
* Added Address+ for Genealogists – Genealogy-oriented Address Book for Windows
* Fixed a few miscellaneous links

Update: Nov 3
– Added PhpGedView integration page for integrating PhpGedView with portal/CMS (Content Management System) software to create a fairly seamless family history and genealogy website. This would allow your family members to login and be able to exchange messages, work on the family genealogy, etc. Simple for now, but this is something we plan on getting into in the future, as more and more people build family history/genealogy websites.

Update: Oct 31
– We’ve added discussion forums – they are minimal right now, because we are looking for suggestions on what people are interested in – we can setup categories for specific genealogy applications (perhaps there are genealogy applications that are lacking official support forums), we can setup categories for users to write reviews of the software they use, etc. To leave suggestions, you can register for a forum account and post there, or you can contact us through the web interface (doesn’t require an account).

Update: Oct 31
Added the following pages:
Gedpage – GEDCOM to HTML Generator for Windows
GEDClean32 – Clean GEDCOM files of living individuals before placing them online.
Res Privata – Also clean GEDCOM files of living individuals before placing them online.
Note: All three of these utilities have Windows 3.x versions available.

Upcoming updates:
– Gallery (screenshots/tutorials)
– Large number of new pages about genealogy software that is non-Windows

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