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GeneaProGeneaPro – Open Source, single or multi user genealogy database. GeneaPro is a multi-user, cross-platform Genealogy database program based on the GenTech Genealogical Data Model. Written in Java using the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP), Hibernate persistance, and SQL/JDBC databases (HSQLDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL).

Forums –

Cost: – Open source/Free

Latest Version: 0.0.6 PreAlpha (Dec 15, 2004)

Developer’s Notes:

1. Platform independence with Windows and Linux as initial target platforms although any platform with Java, JDBC, and SWT support could also work. This solves current problem that most products only run on Windows platform.
2. True multi-user and client/server architecture – most products are single user; the few that are multi-user can share files, but are not transaction based or scalable.
3. Based on GenTech Data Model ( ) which better reflects the true complexity of Genealogical data as seen by professional and serious amateur genealogists. Current products have limitations in both storage and representation of Genealogical data as used in research.
4. Open Source – solves the issue of programs that can not be modified or expanded in areas of study a specific researcher might want to explore and need to modify or enhance the program’s behavior. Also eases ports to other platforms or uses by allow some or all of the code to be reused in other related projects.
5. Modular – allowing the implementation of expert systems in the areas of Dates, Places, Names, as well as modular reporting and direct data access and transfer.

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