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GenMerge – Windows Genealogical Merge Utility (merges GEDCOM files)

Note: Version 2.0 was released in September. Unsure of changes.

Official Description:

GenMerge is a stand-alone software utility that finds and merges duplicates in GEDCOM files, that does the following:
* Preprocesses each family database to find problems.
* Produces a detailed analysis of each database.
* AUTOMATICALLY finds and merges only “true” duplicates.
* Produces detailed reports of the merging process.
* Always produces a new GEDCOM file, so your original data is unchanged.
* Always produces a CONSISTENT, ERROR FREE result. Even if you don’t have duplicates, use GenMerge to check your data for errors.
* Fast enough to be used again and again.


* Full error analysis of each GEDCOM file, including identification of loops and birth year inconsistencies
* Full content analysis of each GEDCOM file, including birth and death year analysis, connected component analysis, surname analysis, etc.
* Fully automated merge functionality, no need to manually review each potential link.
* Complete reports of all duplicate records merged.
* Annotated GEDCOM file noting duplicates.
* Options for merging tags for duplicate individuals.

Requires: Windows 95+ or Windows NT+
Download: 10-Day Free Trial here (form that needs to be filled out)
Cost: $30 Download, $36 CD – Either includes 1 year of free updates.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): here

Guided Tour with screenshots.

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