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Genota and Genota Forms

Developer’s Notes:

Genota and Genota Forms are tools designed to assist the researchers in family history, as well as other other fields, capture and manage informationthat they gather which does not normally fit within the scope of traditional software applications such as lineage linked genealogy programs.

Although Genota and Genota Forms target different aspects of research they share a common look and feel and offer the user unparalled flexibility in managing information.

Genota is a free form research manager designed to assist genealogists and family historians alike document and manage the seemingly endless array of information normally collected during research, whether it be in electronic form or transcribed from archive resources, letters, e-mail, etc . .

Genota Forms is designed to assist the family historian to record and manage all manner of form or list based information in a single application . .

Lasted Updated:

    – Genota – 4 October 2004
    – Genota Forms – 2 June 2005

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