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Feature Stories:
Family Tree Maker 2011 is now available for pre-order from for $39.95. We are not sure yet on whether there will be additional editions (Deluxe/Word, etc.) or whether the Tree-to-go iPhone application will directly support or sync with Family Tree Maker 2011. Among the changes and updates: Smart Stories which builds a story/biography about a particular person from genealogy information as well as new reports, new charts, an performance increases.
Read the full story:Family Tree Maker 2011 Pre-Orders

Site Update – August 10, 2010
Now it’s August and we finally have the time and energy to bring this site back to what it once was – a current and very comprehensive guide to genealogy software.

In the process we are adding
* Discussion & help forums
* Indexes of older genealogy software
* Indexes of TV shows and podcasts relating to genealogy (hence the “media” in the title.
* Indexes of older genealogy programs and related information.

If you see anything weird, just hit refresh on your browser – we are working on a new template among other things.

We’ve already upgraded the back-end and are cleaning up the main template and then will put the above information online.


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