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HtmlPedigree – GEDCOM to HTML

HTMLPedigree is a 32-bit Windows application that turns a GEDCOM file into a collection of HTML files that you can use as a web page. These pages are links/cross-referenced, and an interactive pedigree chart is generated. There is a search feature that is a part of the package you generated, and you can try out it out here.

Price: $25 (There is a free/trial version at the link above).

Example Web Site

Requires: Windows 95+ or Windows NT 4.0+

Last Updated (v1.28.1.0 Sep 2005)

    1. An error introduced in version, affecting the link to the search facility, was corrected.
    2. When processing multimedia files linked in the GEDCOM file, comparisons of filenames are now case-insensitive, to avoid unnecessary creation of duplicate files.
    3. An error introduced in version, affecting the text displayed when the cursor hovers over arrows in the chart pedigree, was corrected.
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