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Family Tree Builder 5.0

Family Tree Builder 5.0

Family Tree Builder 5.0 from has been released, and it is a fairly massive update to the Windows genealogy program. It’s also a free update to previous owners.

This applies to both the free versions of FTB, as well as the ‘Premium’ and ‘PremiumPlus’ owners. There is only one download and it will detect if you had a Premium or PremiumPlus license.

New Features:
* Tree Consistency Checker
* To-Do Lists
* Improved privacy controls
* New/Better charts
* Mail-order posters
* DNA Marker Entry

* Export custom report to Microsoft Excel with specific fields for specific people (you select)
* Restore published trees from online family sites.
* Search and Replace functionality in almost every field of the family tree.
* Improvement in importing GEDCOM files, including asking user to identity their place in the tree to help set them as the ‘home person’ (or owner) of the genealogy project.
* Book reports can be configured based on the size of your printer
* UI/Icons improved and other interface enhancements
* Added photo info tooltips
* Updated user guide
* Associate photos with sources
* State a date for the residences of people
* Warn against possible duplicate entries when adding new people
* Option in calculating the married names of women, plus added support for married names of men
* Configurable options in displaying suffixes
* Can mark a person as “research-complete” and can find people whose research is complete or not complete.
* Improvements in sources and citations.
* Added option for specifying known number of children per family.

It can be downloaded here (

If you want a more detailed listing of what all is new or how the above features come into please, you can see this blog entry covering Family Tree Builder 5.0.

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