The Next Generation of Genealogy Site Building 9

Although it had a soft launch at RootsTech 2012, it is not officially available – that’s right, The eagerly awaited The Next Generation of Genealogy Suite Building 9.

TNG is an online and fully-interactive genealogy database/program. Powered by PHP and MySQL, it can act as a stand-alone database or application that you can use to build a family tree from the ground up, complete with documents, images, photos, etc., or you can import your genealogy information through a GEDCOM file. It can be integrated with WordPress. While older versions can integrate with Joomla and Drupal, I do not believe newer versions work with either of those CMSes just yet.

Changes in TNG 9
* Most style elements have been redesigned/restyled for a more modern look.
* Three new templates added, along with older templates being updated
* Performance increased through changes with graphics displays and other functions
* Social media has been integrated should you wish to enable it (Facebook, etc.)
* Timeline feature has been improved
* Google Maps functionality upgraded to use the latest Google Maps engine. As a result, a developer key is no longer required.
* Geocoding is fully integrated – new places are automatically geocoded, and existing locations can be geocoded in batches.
* “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) content editor for histories and other elements.
* Better media handling and sorting to organize and display images and other media (Census, documents, etc.)
* Citation function is easier and more streamlined
* New user rights/privileges in regards to living and private and treating them as distinct groups
* Easier to add third party customizations (“mods”) through the Mod Manager

For more information about all of the changes, see the Full list of changes in TNG 9 at (official website).

You can view both the public and administrator demonstrations here (official website). You can also read through the TNG forums ( for an idea of what people are doing with it.

For a new version, it’s $32.99 US, but there is upgrade pricing – check the TNG website for details.

* Purchase/information about TNG 9