PAF Under Linux (WINE)

Information about running PAF under Linux, using WINE

General Information – Official WINE website.
PAF’s Entry at the WINE website (with screenshots).
Reference/Documentation at the WINE website.

Websites With Tutorials
PAF on Linux with WINE – Andrew McNabb’s site detailing problems, as well as how to install PAF through WINE. Includes screenshots. His take on using PAF through WINE – PAF works pretty decently, and all things considered isn’t that awful to setup.
Thread on Usenet ( detailing problems/information on PAF under WINE.

Problems Found
– Andrew McNabb had problems with the editing screen for individuals, but forcing a refresh of the desktop/screen (through changing to a virtual desktop and back for instance) seems to have cleared up that problem.
– Others in t he usenet thread mentioned above have problems installing/starting PAF.