PhpGedView – Integration with Mambo/Joomla

If you are interested in building a family “portal” and genealogy site, and would like to integrate PhpGedView with it, we’ve started this page to provide resources/links to help you out.

Currently this only covers the integration of PhpGedView with the Mambo or Joomla! Portal Systems/CMSes. We plan to provide a tutorial in the future. These appear to be good combinations for family genealogy/history websites (plus the price is right – free).

Recent thread at – Some information about this integration, and that contains posts by the person listed below (“Our Family History”) that has graciously made some downloads available to help with this integration. Started in November, 2004, but contains posts from October 2005.

Pat Craig (from the above thread) comments: Very nice ! I wasn’t expecting such a clean integration. I am using the cvs version of phpgedview and joomla 1.01 and everthing works great. I have never used Mambo or Joomla before so it was a bit tricky to install until I realized you needed to have the CMS install the component for you.

Download Page – “Our Family History” ( – the administrator of this site has put together the files needed (as well as theme files) to integrate PhpGedView with either Mambo or Joomla!.