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December, 2017 – Updates (Stickied)

December, 2017 – Updates (Stickied)

You’ll notice if you’ve visited here in the past, that this site is in the midst of a major overhaul/relaunching. I have a very clear vision of what it should be, and I now have the time to accomplish this.

Things may seem a little broken or slow at times as I continue to rebuild this site. You can follow the progress either here, or follow me on twitter: @GenealogySoft

Updated: February 11th, 2018

    Finished or in-Progress:

  • (finished: Feb 2018) Update the site’s back-end software and add a more simple and mobile-friendly theme.
  • (finished: Feb 2018) Re-structure the site so it’s easier to navigate.
  • (in-progress) Go through all existing stories and software pages, and update all of them to remove missing links and upgrading the graphics and format of the pages so that there is a consistency across the entire site.

To-do List:

  • Properly index and sort all genealogy software apps that are on this site
  • Do the same with when that content (around 350 entries and articles) is moved to this site (GSN will redirect here within a month or so).
  • Add about 750 entries for various genealogy software/applications that go back to the 1970s. I’ve been collecting this information for a very long time, and am finding the time to properly sort and display it.
  • Regularly update this site and the news.
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