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RootsMagic has been released.

This update to RootsMagic 4 (a Windows/PC genealogy application) contains a lot of fixes and updates.

As usual, you can click in the RootsMagic menu, then Help > Check for Updates or you can download the update here ( It should automatically download/prompt you though.

* Edit screen now displays place details in fact list
* Name and place indexes now print in Individual List report
* FTM import now brings in citations which had no master source in FTM
* Added option to paste into notes using plain text (option is at Tools > Program options)
* Alternate names are now included in narrative websites
* Parents of spouses in descendant narrative websites are now included (ex: Jane Doe, daughter of John Doe and Mary Smith, …)
* Separated “Reserved” from “Need more info” on NFS statuses
* Added Descendant List report option to just show birth and death year
* Additional checking for duplicates when reserving ordinances in NFS

* Hover style fixed for some links in generated websites
* Fixed a few source issues in websites
* Children of cousin marriages in narrative descendant reports are numbered properly now
* Fixed a wordwrap issue with “About” text for shareable CDs
* Fixed a problem with some new temples getting duplicated multiple times in the temple list
* Photo description doesn’t get lost in GEDCOM import / drag and drop when the image has a date entered
* Nickname delimiter (quotes vs parens) are honored in report titles
* Fixed crashing when running the “Fix broken media links” from the little camera icon in the info panel at the top of screen
* Wallcharts honor the selected date format now
* NFS AutoMatch could crash if a large number of people were already matched with NFS
* Fixed problem with horizontal scroll bar sometimes not appearing on child list in family view
* Removed disputing from New FamilySearch
* Fixed a number of issues when copying relatives back and forth between RM and NFS

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