The Next Generation of Genealogy Site Building 9.0.1

Just over a week has passed since The Next Generation of Genealogy Site Building v9 was released, and Darrin Lythgoe has released version 9.0.1, a bug and maintenance released.

TNG is a full-interactive and stand-alone online genealogy database/program, powered by PHP and MySQL. You will need a website to run it, and some features require PHP 5.x+

If you are an existing TNG v9 owner, you can download the update through the link provided when you purchased the software. For more information, see the TNG v9 official site.

Among the updates, Geocoding will not work due on PHP 4x due to issues/limitations with PHP 4. Quite a few fixes in regards to media were added to 9.0.1. Working with media saw several bug fixes as well as some minor improvements in adding media. Also several fixes for templates. Full list of fixes is below.

Updates and Bug Fixes in TNG v9.0.1
* Cemeteries: Entering a place name would not populate the other corresponding fields on the page upon leaving the place name field (fixed).
* Citations: When searching for a source from the Add Citation dialog, the search field did not automatically receive the focus (fixed).
* Citations: Searching for sources on the Add Citation page would not find or display some sources if those sources lacked either a “long” title or a “short” title (fixed).
* Email: A PHP 5.2 function (“filter_var”) was used for email validation without checking to see if the function was supported (fixed).
* Email: Sending mail to users with the SMTP option enabled would throw an error for users upgrading from versions earlier than 8.1.3 (fixed).
* GEDCOM: The GEDCOM tab was showing on some pages when it wasn’t supposed to be showing (fixed).
* Geocoding: The geocoding feature would throw an error on installations using PHP 4 (fixed, but the geocoding will not work with PHP 4).
* Maps: Pins on and next to the maps would not work if they contained address data or line feed characters (fixed).
* Maps: Maps in the Admin area had shadows and rounded corners on the individual panes due to a CSS conflict (fixed).
* Media: Any attempt to save a media item of a custom type formatted like histories would pop up an error message saying that a path needed to be entered (fixed).
* Media: Items of custom types formatted like histories were showing the item title underneath the item text (fixed).
* Media: A slide show link would show for a group of media items even if none of them was an image (fixed).
* Media: If a photo’s “FORM” field (which should contain the file’s extension) was blank, photo previews would not work (fixed).
* Media: Thumbnails for images marked as “Always viewable” would sometimes not display (fixed).
* Media: Histories that previously contained both a file name and “body text” could not be resaved if the file name was removed (fixed).
* Media: Immediately after creating a new media record, the sections above “Media Links” will be closed to allow easier access to the Media Links section (those same sections will be open on subsequent visits to the page).
* People, Families: Some functions would not work when viewing the Edit Person and Edit Family pages in French, due to a message using an apostrophe being enclosed in single quotes (fixed).
* Places: The feature to merge all places into a single tree (or to back out of that arrangement) did not work (fixed).
* Settings: Saving the Template Settings page on some sites would cause all the template settings to be lost (fixed).
* Settings: The Site Description, Site Name and Site Owner fields did not always handle quotes and other special characters correction (fixed).
* Settings: Saving any settings page in one tab after having logged out in another tab or window would cause the settings file to be truncated (fixed).
* Special Characters: Adding a Country or a State (on the Cemeteries page) with special characters did not preserve those characters if the site was not using UTF-8 as the character set (fixed).
* Suggest: If a user visits the “Suggest” page while logged in, the user’s email address will now be prepopulated in both email fields.
* Templates: The “Welcome” message for Template 9 was actually pulling the corresponding variable from template 10 (fixed).
* Templates: Custom photos could not be uploaded for the newer templates if the server had a limit on the number of files that could be uploaded in a single form (fixed).
* Templates: Double quoted content on the Template Settings pages was invisible there after saving (fixed).
* Templates: Files could not be deleted from the “Select” window used to choose photos for templates (fixed).
* Users: New user accounts created from the readme.html page did not have full rights (fixed).
* What’s New: The log entry for this page showed “xx” as the number of days included in the report, instead of the actual number (fixed).