The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding 5.1.3 (TNG)

The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding (TNG) 5.1.3 is available for registered TNG 5.x users. TNG is an online genealogy colaboration application, using PHP some kind of database (usually MySQL). One of the advantages it has over using a stand-alone genealogy application that generates HTML pages to be uploaded to a web-site, is that it can be used and updated in real-time, from collaborating family members, even if you are spread around the world. GEDCOM files can be uploaded and read-in, or downloaded to be used offline as well.

This version fixes some bugs, changes how GENDEX files are saved (with .txt instead of .gdx extension), improves search engine compatability, as well as several other minor changes.

What’s New
1. A few more MySQL 5.x compatibility issues were rectified.
2. IMPORTANT: GENDEX files now saved with “.txt” extension instead of “.gdx”.
3. Order of meta tags optimized for better search engine results.
4. Columns on public Cemeteries page now only fixed width if more than one column exists.
5. A “short open tag” was preventing some users from saving the Pedigree Settings (fixed).
6. IPTC data for photos was not displaying correctly (fixed).
7. The FAMC field in the people table (for storing an individual’s primary parentage) has been lengthened from 10 to 22 characters.
8. If an uploaded GEDCOM file was larger than PHP’s allowed maximum size, TNG should have been showing a “friendly” error message, but it was not (fixed).
9. Column spacing on the public Cemeteries page was adjusted.
10. Surname headings on the “Photos & Histories” page were not using the surname prefix (fixed).
11. Text and notes from cited sources no longer wrapped in quotes on individual page (fixed).
12. Formatting improved for source citations at the bottom of the individual page (ie, all lines after the first line for any citation are now indented).
13. Code to automatically set the PHP variable “error_reporting” moved to config.php (takes effect after next save of General Settings).
14. Photos with apostrophes in their file names were being stored with slashes before the apostrophes (fixed).
15. Validation improved for the e-mail address entry on the “Suggest” page.
16. Some thumbnails (including “default” photos) linked to living individuals were being displayed for users without rights to see them (fixed).
17. Installation instructions improved to better point out alternate methods of performing database setup.
18. The New Person “Short Form” now allows you to enter death & burial events.
19. Media linked to families would only show on the individual page for spouses and not children (fixed).
20. Import would sometimes fail when saving sources or notes (fixed).
21. Some source citations were being truncated on import, partly because field to hold the information was only 128 characters (fixed).
22. Icon linking to admin area was only showing if the person featured was in the tree & branch assigned to the logged-in user (fixed).
23. Import was improperly converting dates if the date consisted of three sections and the middle section was numeric but not a month or day of the month (fixed).
24. Advanced Search once again uses “contains” as the default operator for Last Name and Spouse’s Last Name.

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