GenoPro 2007

GenoPro 2007
This page last updated: 12 March 2007

Replaced GenoPro 2.0

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Current Version: GenoPro 2007, version
Cost/License: 1-user: $49 (see website for information on multiple licenses)
Requirements: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista.
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Official Description: GenoPro is a user-friendly comprehensive software that allows you to draw family trees and genograms that you can share with your whole family.

Features: Guided tour at

Version History:
GenoPro 2007, version
* Improved report generator to better display places on Google Map.
* Fixed code to always copy pictures to HTML reports when publishing to
* Allow the user to change the printer paper orientation from the Print Setup as well as the Page Setup dialog.
* Improved help message when requesting a free registration key with an invalid email address.
* Renamed tooltip message from “Husband” and “Wife” to “Partner” for an unmarried couple (cohabitation, casual relationship, love affair).

GenoPro 2007, version
* Fixed crashing bug when searching text on a computer without any printer driver installed.
* Fixed bug by allowing a place to inherit the same category as its parent place.
* Added code to remember last selected objects when saving to XML.
* Improved report generator to include GeoMapping via Google Maps.
* Improved contextual help for sending file to another user and performing an online backup.