Family Tree Maker 2011 – Pre-Orders

Family Tree Maker 2011 is now available for pre-order from for $39.95. I’m not sure what version this is – whether they are going to have deluxe, etc. versions or a standard version for $39.95.

More than 100+ enhancements and additions including:
* Smart Stories™ – Just drag and drop facts from your tree to the new Smart Stories page. Each time you edit your tree, stories update automatically.
* New and improved charts – Enhance your charts with new backgrounds, borders, and embellishments. Create four new designs, including a 360 degree fan chart.
* Refined reports – Save and reuse report settings and use 5 new report styles.
* Media management tools – Locate missing media items with the click of the mouse.
* More Ancestry integration – Find out which Ancestry members are searching for your ancestors in the expanded Web Dashboard.
* Better performance – Upload and download trees from the Internet with increased speed.
* Numbering – Automatically number every person in your tree for quick reference.
* Timelines – View more events that occurred during your ancestors’ lives. Even edit, delete or add your own historical events.

One thing that really interests me is the “Smart Stories” feature. Many of us have hand-assembled stories about ancestors and relatives using information we’ve compiled, and I’m guessing this is something similar (but easier).

Still waiting to see what Family Tree Maker 2010 for Mac ( will be. I’m assuming it will be based on 2011 and not 2010 like they had originally announced. It also remains to be seen what, if anything, will be done with Tree-to-Go ( Right now, Tree-to-Go is a free stand-alone program meant to be a front-end to Stand-alone meaning that it’s not tied to a desktop genealogy program. There is an iPhone/iPad application for syncing up with Legacy Family Tree data – Families (

There is also a book up on available for pre-order – Beyond the Basics: A Guide for Advanced Users of Family Tree Maker 2011 in paperback format, by Tana Pederson. it’s from Publishing, and will be available October 28, 2010 and nothing else is mentioned other than the ISBN numbers:
# ISBN-10: 1593313357
# ISBN-13: 978-1593313357

Pederson has published other related books – The Official Guide to Family Tree Maker 2010 (2009), The Official Guide to (2007, with Myra Vanderpool Gormley), as well as older official guides to Family Tree Maker.

For system requirements and more information about Family Tree Maker 11, please see the Family Tree Maker 11 page.

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Site News – March 12 2007

We’ve temporarily disabled the forums while we clean up the spam, and re-organize the categories. We have two moderators who will insure that the forums are used for what we intended them to be used for.

Added the following applications:
– March 12, 2007: Added Family Reunion Organizer
– March 12, 2007: Added GenoPro 2007

These will be the first of many, and we will have very in-depth coverage of each.

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GeneoTree v 2.10 and 2.11

GeneoTree GeneoTree version 2.11 was recently released. It’s an online genealogy collaboration application, and it requires PHP and MySQL, and uses GEDCOM data files. This release (and version 2.10) adds a new PDF report, new image formats, as well as other improvements.

Developer’s Description: Genealogy Software. Geneotree is a gedcom files PHP viewer. It is a complete software with original features as consanguinity lists, cousins’ lists, dynamic trees, prize list or PDF Reports. Optimized ergonomics, no seizure, only clicks.

GeneoTree can be downloaded here (

What’s New (includes Version 2.10 Changes):
– Mixte PDF Report : Change picture to respect the copyright CDIP

New user features
– new PDF Report : indented descendancy tree
– medias : GIF and PNG formats are supported
– ancestry tree & PDF report: add displaying medias
– home : add statistics of sources and medias
– individual index card : add associated picture
– descendancy tree & PDF report: add age of death
– sources : add hyperlink to individuals associated
– generic : all dates are translated in english
– generic : dates in bold in all trees and PDF reports
– dynamic gedcom comparaison : design is better

Technical features
– upload : geneotree timeout is equal as php timeout (not only 30 secondes) (if you can change php timeout, you can upload gedcom in 1 time)
– cartography : test release GD library
– medias : add letters groups to optimize response times
– medias : thumbs management to optimize response times
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The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding 5.1.3 (TNG)

The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding (TNG) 5.1.3 is available for registered TNG 5.x users. TNG is an online genealogy colaboration application, using PHP some kind of database (usually MySQL). One of the advantages it has over using a stand-alone genealogy application that generates HTML pages to be uploaded to a web-site, is that it can be used and updated in real-time, from collaborating family members, even if you are spread around the world. GEDCOM files can be uploaded and read-in, or downloaded to be used offline as well.

This version fixes some bugs, changes how GENDEX files are saved (with .txt instead of .gdx extension), improves search engine compatability, as well as several other minor changes.

What’s New
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Behold Version 0.97 alpha

Louis Kessler has released a major update to Behold Version 0.97 alpha. The feature list gives you a look at where he is at in regards to a 1.0 release.

For an idea of what Behold is and how it differs from other genealogy programs, here is the developer’s note on “The Everything Report” (one of the major guiding concepts behind Behold) :

Number one on the list, is to have a single report that contains all your genealogical data. This includes all details about every individual, all source references and repository information, all pictures and descriptions of multimedia and external files, and anything else you have documented. This should be organized logically, so you can find anything easily, with a Table of Contents, and several indexes (a Name Index, Place Index, Source Index, etc.). Everything should be cross referenced to everything else so you can easily find your way around the report. And any one piece of information should only be in one place in the report so as to keep its size down to something manageable.

Full Release Notes/Changes:
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