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Millenia has released quite a few fixes to Legacy Family Tree, a week after Legacy Family Tree was released with several FamilySearch enhancements. As such, there are some enhancements to the FamilySearch features in The Pictures function now handle untagged/tagged preferred settings. There are also some other fixes associated with Reports, RTF, and Search.

Version (Build 23 February 2012) Changes
* FamilySearch – In “Quick Mode” we added some text on the main screen of LFS to indicate that they are in that mode and they can only view the current person.
* PAF Import – Overflow occuring on large files. Fixed.
* Pictures – Pictures on main views now honors Untagged Preferred and Tagged Preferred settings.
* RTF Reports – Picture filenames to be added to the document were not complete. Fixed.
* RTF Sources on Events on Reports – First citation has extra codes showing. Fixed.
* Reports – FSID on names wasn’t holding on a couple reports and on the search settings screen. Fixed.
* Reports – Fixed the report problems that have been reported like the missing Font’s issue.
* Reports – Refined the Report Options saving and loading.
* Search – Detailed search for a master source was only returning males if the source is attached to a marriage. Fixed.
* Sources – From the Name List, Sources tab if you add a new source that includes multimedia the source was not being added. Fixed.
* Sources – From the Name List, Sources tab if you copy a source to the clipboard the clibboard buttons were not enabled (turned blue). Also cleaned up some other clipboard issues on the Name List like the tooltip info and showing/hiding some of the clipboard buttons depending on the current tab selected.
* Sources – On the source Detail Screen the Today’s Date button wasn’t showing for the Date Accessed field. Fixed.

To Update/Download:
Deluxe Edition users: Update through the Install and Download Now link on the Legacy Home Tab.
Standard Edition users: Visit LegacyFamilyTree.com/DownloadUpdate.asp for details.

To Purchase
If you’d like to purchase Legacy Family Tree, you can do so through the Legacy Family Tree Online Store

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My Family Tree

Two days ago, Chronoplex Software updated My Family Tree to version I’ll be honest with you, I’m not really familiar with My Family Tree 1.0. My Family Tree is billed as “cutting edge software for the 21st cenutry”. It’s a Windows genealogy application It first came out last year, in March of 2011. With that said, they’ve come a long way in less than a year, and adds quite a few things.

They’ve added a backup and share tool, research link manager, support for additional displays, support for Windows 8 Developer Preview, along with several improvements to existing functions. Windows 8 Developer Preview support…I’m not sure where that comes into play, other than the maybe taking advantage of the new Metro-style interface, which is very handy on touchscreen displays and Tablet PCs.

* UI fixes and tweaks.
* Fixes to Merge tool.

New features and enhancements
* Added Backup and share tool.
* Added research link manager.
* Added On this day tool.
* Added Chinese Traditional language.
* Added support for high DPI modes (125% – 120 DPI and 150% – 144 DPI).
* Added support for screen sizes down to 800×600 pixels.
* Added support for Windows 8 Developer Preview.
* Added support for .Net 4.5 Framework Developer Preview.
* Improved reporting options.
* Improvements to Find and replace.
* Improvements to Sources.
* Improvements to Statistics.

Download/Update: ChronoplexSoftware.com

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Name Your Own Price for GENViewer, GENMatcher (Legacy Family Tree Add-Ons)

Mudcreek Software, developer of GENViewer 1 and GENMatch 1, has dropped the price on both genealogy utilities to whatever you will pay through next Thursday, February 23, 2012. It’s a celebration of 12 years of Mudcreek Software. Both applications are normally $19.95 USD.

GENViewer is a viewer for your Legacy Family Tree file/database. GENViewer can not only view your Legacy family files, you can use it to check GEDCOM files before they are imported into Legacy, as well as using it to search across one or more files. It can also be used to search genealogy websites.

GENMatcher compares your Legacy family file to other files for possible matches. GENMatcher can create reports of matches and duplicates, as well as non-matches, possible matches, and unknown matches.

Details: LegacyFamilyTree.com

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Legacy Family Tree, Plus FamilySearch, 1940 US Census Enhancements

Millenia, the folks behind Legacy Family Tree, a popular Windows genealogy application, have made a couple of significant updates to Legacy Family Tree.

First off, everybody here in the US is probably aware of the 1940 US Federal Census being released in April. Ahead of that, Legacy Family Tree has added support for two 1940 US Federal Census forms – both the regular form (standard), and the Supplementary Questions form (you can see examples at the Legacy Family Tree website).

These are located under:
Reports -> Books/other tab -> Forms Center -> Census Forms -> US Federal -> 1940

Also, Milleniia has added some FamilySearch enhancements. There is a new AutoMatch feature which can automatically match or link individuals in your LFT database with individuals on FamilySearch. LegacyFamilySearch can now be started with just the current person rather than loading a full database.

Version (Build 16 February 2012) Changes
* Reports – Fixed a problem of loading user settings.
* Sources – Fixed a problem with a couple of source templates.
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The Next Generation of Genealogy Site Building 9.0.1

Just over a week has passed since The Next Generation of Genealogy Site Building v9 was released, and Darrin Lythgoe has released version 9.0.1, a bug and maintenance released.

TNG is a full-interactive and stand-alone online genealogy database/program, powered by PHP and MySQL. You will need a website to run it, and some features require PHP 5.x+

If you are an existing TNG v9 owner, you can download the update through the link provided when you purchased the software. For more information, see the TNG v9 official site.

Among the updates, Geocoding will not work due on PHP 4x due to issues/limitations with PHP 4. Quite a few fixes in regards to media were added to 9.0.1. Working with media saw several bug fixes as well as some minor improvements in adding media. Also several fixes for templates. Full list of fixes is below.

Updates and Bug Fixes in TNG v9.0.1 Read the rest of this post… »

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