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Two days ago, Chronoplex Software updated My Family Tree to version I’ll be honest with you, I’m not really familiar with My Family Tree 1.0. My Family Tree is billed as “cutting edge software for the 21st cenutry”. It’s a Windows genealogy application It first came out last year, in March of 2011. With that said, they’ve come a long way in less than a year, and adds quite a few things.

They’ve added a backup and share tool, research link manager, support for additional displays, support for Windows 8 Developer Preview, along with several improvements to existing functions. Windows 8 Developer Preview support…I’m not sure where that comes into play, other than the maybe taking advantage of the new Metro-style interface, which is very handy on touchscreen displays and Tablet PCs.

* UI fixes and tweaks.
* Fixes to Merge tool.

New features and enhancements
* Added Backup and share tool.
* Added research link manager.
* Added On this day tool.
* Added Chinese Traditional language.
* Added support for high DPI modes (125% – 120 DPI and 150% – 144 DPI).
* Added support for screen sizes down to 800×600 pixels.
* Added support for Windows 8 Developer Preview.
* Added support for .Net 4.5 Framework Developer Preview.
* Improved reporting options.
* Improvements to Find and replace.
* Improvements to Sources.
* Improvements to Statistics.


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  1. I bought this program in the early 90s on 5″ floppy disks. I still have the disks and a lot of data in them. Is there a way to convert this data to a newer program?

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