Windows 3.x Genealogy Software

Genealogy Software - 16-bit and 32-bit versions of Windows 3.0/3.1

Note: This basically covers genealogy software between the DOS platform(s) and Windows 95/98. In some cases, it covers Windows NT 3.5, and some of the software would continue to function on Windows 95, 98, etc., as well as Windows 3.1 running under IBM’s OS/2.
Note: As of December, 2017 – this page is incomplete (but is being worked on). Please see this article for information.
Res Privata19972004Genealogy utility that removes private data from GEDCOM/GED Files (Windows 3.x - Res Private v 1.x)

Windows 3.x Utilities – Online Publishing
Gedpage – GEDCOM to HTML Converter

Windows 3.x Utilities – GEDCOMs – Privacy
GEDClean – Filsters private information from GEDCOMs before they are published.