Legacy Family Tree

Millenia has released quite a few fixes to Legacy Family Tree, a week after Legacy Family Tree was released with several FamilySearch enhancements. As such, there are some enhancements to the FamilySearch features in The Pictures function now handle untagged/tagged preferred settings. There are also some other fixes associated with Reports, RTF, and … Read more

My Family Tree

Two days ago, Chronoplex Software updated My Family Tree to version I’ll be honest with you, I’m not really familiar with My Family Tree 1.0. My Family Tree is billed as “cutting edge software for the 21st cenutry”. It’s a Windows genealogy application It first came out last year, in March of 2011. With … Read more

GENViewer, GENMatcher Sale (Legacy Family Tree)

Mudcreek Software, developer of GENViewer 1 and GENMatch 1, has dropped the price on both genealogy utilities to whatever you will pay through next Thursday, February 23, 2012. It’s a celebration of 12 years of Mudcreek Software. Both applications are normally $19.95 USD. GENViewer is a viewer for your Legacy Family Tree file/database. GENViewer can … Read more

Legacy Family Tree, FamilySearch, 1940 US Census

Millenia, the folks behind Legacy Family Tree, a popular Windows genealogy application, have made a couple of significant updates to Legacy Family Tree. First off, everybody here in the US is probably aware of the 1940 US Federal Census being released in April. Ahead of that, Legacy Family Tree has added support for two 1940 … Read more

Family Historian 5 Delayed – March, 2012

Family Historian 5, a Windows genealogy application published by Calico Pie Limited, has been delayed from this month (February 2012) until March, 2012, according to an email list I’m on. It was a brief announcement: Version 5 of Family Historian had been due for release in February, but is now expected to be released in … Read more

Family Tree Maker 2012 version

Last week, Ancestry.com released a free update for the Windows version of Family Tree Maker 2012. It brings the version up to All three updates are focused on FTM 2012’s syncing capabilities. Updates * Some important improvements for syncing source citations, relationships, and accepted & rejected hints. * Resolution of some data issues that … Read more