GedHTree is a GEDCOM to HTML Converter from Gary Welker.


Version History

    GedHTree V2.26. Release date Aug 11, 2005. (Registration codes of users who registered after Jul 31, 2004 are valid for this version).
    * Added option to generate Canada GEDCOM Map. For inclusion in Canada GEDCOM Map individual’s birth place data in GEDCOM must end in Can. or Canada
    * Expanded maximum number of generations for each direct ancestor tree from 2000 to 5000.
    * Changed many GedHTree runtime windows to clarify and simplify OPTION and SELECTION choices.
    * The following options are now available for registered users only:
    1. Email address encoding.
    2. Use of GedHTree or user .Jpg or .Gif Backgrounds. (Unregistered users can only use solid color backgrounds)
    3. Graphic (.Jpg or .Gif) banner for index pages. (Unregistered users can only use text banner)
    4. Header and/or footer on index page.
    * Fixed the following bug: Fault was occurring if Email address text box was blank and Encode Email address was checked.