About Genealogy Software Guide

Update: May 2018, please see our new Privacy Policy updates.

If you’d like to help us further in this endeavor:
– If you have information, tips, etc., you can contribute them by leaving comments at the bottom of the relevant page, or through the forums (coming soon).
– If you or somebody you know are looking for information about an old application, point them to this site.

If you are a developer/publisher of an actively-developed (or retired) application (or know of one):
We would definitely love to hear from you, especially in regards to making your older applications (1990s and earlier) available to those who might need them to recover old genealogy data and information. We would also like to interview you.

Downloads: We are going to work on making downloads available for the older application we find, or at least links to those downloads. We do take legal/copyright issues into account, which will limit what we can make available.

This is the kind of information we are looking for:
  • Name and type of application
  • Any Related Websites (developer/publisher, forums, reviews)
  • Developer/Publisher + Contact Information
  • Official Description
  • Status (in development or discontinued)
  • Cost and Availability (download-only, retail, etc.)
  • Download (Demo/Trial versions, full if free, etc.)
  • Current Version + Last Updated Information
  • Hardware and Software Requirements
  • Supported Languages
  • Related Software
  • Screenshots
  • History of this software
Contacting Us
If you would like to contribute any of this information, on *ANY* genealogy application on *ANY* platform/Operating System, please contact us through the the Contact Page or email us at info@genealogysoftwareguide.com

This isn’t limited to old or new software – we are looking for information about all genealogy software going back to the 1970s.


1 thought on “About Genealogy Software Guide”

  1. Great stuff! This will be a very valuable resource for people looking for genealogy software. Since Software Springboard vanished a few years ago and Bill Mumford stopped his wonderful detailed comparison of programs, there is a big void to fill.

    Feel free to use the info I have at my Software Links page as a resource. Once you start putting up reviews of programs, I’ll be very happy to link to your Permalinks.

    I do only have info on programs which have websites. If you’re looking for some old applications, you can look in the Software Repositories section of my Links page.

    I really wouldn’t mind helping you develop your site, but I do have to devote the majority of my time to the development of my program Behold.

    All the best!

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