Family Tree Maker 2011 Service Pack 1

Earlier today, released a massive update for Family Tree Maker 2011, Family Tree Maker 2011 Service Pack 1.

* General performance improvements throughout the program
* Performance improvements to Web merge
* Decreased the number of full refreshes of the Person index during data manipulation
* Better support for name fact formatting in Genealogy reports
* Better support for high DPI settings
* Better support of name suffixes on GEDCOM imports
* Greater support for reference IDs added to Filter dialog and Find dialog
* Greater support added for NGS and Timeline reports in books when imported from previous version

New Features
* Re-enabled right-click functionality in Web Search
* New option added to Options dialog to enable/disable enhancing merged images from
* Support for abbreviations “b”, “B” and “Canceled”
* Enabled right-click options in the task list

* Resolved issue of media not being merge properly during Web merge
* Resolved issue where user is unable to modify reference notes in Sources workspace
* Resolved memory usage and performance problems with larger images in Smart Stories
* Resolved problem with wrong item in source list being selected when scrolling through list
* Fixed problem with pre-Table of Contents pages numbering incorrectly
* Resolved issue with incorrect chapter title appearing in books when chapter is on odd-numbered page
* Resolved problem where incorrect task was selected in list after a task was deleted
* Resolved issue of extra media links appearing after file import
* Resolved issue with “Arabic out of range” message in some reports
* Resolved issue where media could be deleted if added to new citation that was then cancelled
* Fixed relationship notes so they are imported as general notes instead of research notes
* Resolved issue where sources for non-vital facts were not showing up in Genealogy reports
* Resolved performance and refreshing issues when merging duplicate people
* Resolved issue with multiple empty pages in book preview after importing file from previous version
* Fixed script errors in Ancestry Member Tree download
* Resolved AKA and Title issues in Data Errors Report

You can either update it within the program or download the following patch:
2000368-2000376.exe (direct link to patch) (direct link to patch – zipped)