Family Historian 5 Delayed Until March, 2012

Family Historian 5, a Windows genealogy application published by Calico Pie Limited, has been delayed from this month (February 2012) until March, 2012, according to an email list I’m on. It was a brief announcement:

Version 5 of Family Historian had been due for release in February, but is now expected to be released in March.

Family Historian Version 5 is being touted as a major upgrade to the Family Historian series, and because of the delay and because it’s a major upgrade, they have an offer of a free upgrade to version 5 if you purchased Family Historian version 4 on or after November 10th, 2011. This includes both download and boxed (from participating retailers/stockists) versions.

The list of qualifying stockists/retailers, along with the offer details are here:

They did include a couple of “quick peeks” at Family Historian 5:
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A Primer for the Master Genealogist: Second Edition

The Second Edition of A Primer for the Master Genealogist, by Terry Reigel, has been released. This new edition was just released, and it covers the changes and updates in The Master Genealogist version 8, one of the most comprehensive genealogy applications, developed by Wholly Genes. Terry Reigel is a well-known expert within the TMG community, having written many articles about TMG, as well as maintaining Terry’s TMG Tips website.

If you are a TMG user, I’d highly recommend it, because chances are you’ve come across Terry’s TMG tips website. It can be purchased at for $24.95 plus shipping.

Sample topics:
* TMG basic concepts
* Getting the initial data into TMG
* Finding your way around TMG
* Establishing personal standards for data entry
* Adding or Editing people, events, sources
* Creating Reports and Chartes
* Customizing TMG’s displays/screens
* Customizing events and sources
* Using Witnesses and Roles
* Understanding Projects and Data Sets

If you are an existing owner of the first edition, they are making the updated portions available through their website. For more information, you can view the TMG Primer page at ReigelRidge Press.

via Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter

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The Next Generation of Genealogy Site Building 9

Although it had a soft launch at RootsTech 2012, it is not officially available – that’s right, The eagerly awaited The Next Generation of Genealogy Suite Building 9.

TNG is an online and fully-interactive genealogy database/program. Powered by PHP and MySQL, it can act as a stand-alone database or application that you can use to build a family tree from the ground up, complete with documents, images, photos, etc., or you can import your genealogy information through a GEDCOM file. It can be integrated with WordPress. While older versions can integrate with Joomla and Drupal, I do not believe newer versions work with either of those CMSes just yet.

Changes in TNG 9
* Most style elements have been redesigned/restyled for a more modern look.
* Three new templates added, along with older templates being updated
* Performance increased through changes with graphics displays and other functions
* Social media has been integrated should you wish to enable it (Facebook, etc.)
* Timeline feature has been improved
* Google Maps functionality upgraded to use the latest Google Maps engine. As a result, a developer key is no longer required.
* Geocoding is fully integrated – new places are automatically geocoded, and existing locations can be geocoded in batches.
* “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) content editor for histories and other elements.
* Better media handling and sorting to organize and display images and other media (Census, documents, etc.)
* Citation function is easier and more streamlined
* New user rights/privileges in regards to living and private and treating them as distinct groups
* Easier to add third party customizations (“mods”) through the Mod Manager

For more information about all of the changes, see the Full list of changes in TNG 9 at (official website).

You can view both the public and administrator demonstrations here (official website). You can also read through the TNG forums ( for an idea of what people are doing with it.

For a new version, it’s $32.99 US, but there is upgrade pricing – check the TNG website for details.

* Purchase/information about TNG 9

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Family Tree Maker 2012 version

Last week, released a free update for the Windows version of Family Tree Maker 2012. It brings the version up to All three updates are focused on FTM 2012’s syncing capabilities.

* Some important improvements for syncing source citations, relationships, and accepted & rejected hints.
* Resolution of some data issues that were causing sync to fail in some cases
* Sync stability and performance improvements.

There is a note included in the announcement: TreeSync has proved popular enough that at times it overwhelms the online services. It is mentioned that data is safe, but syncing may not take place. They advise trying again in a few hours, and are working to increase the capacity.

You should be able to get the update through the normal FTM software update (built into FTM 2010 for Windows).

Source: blogs

Family Tree Maker 2012 Deluxe is currently on sale at at almost 50%. Some versions are on sale at nearly 25% off on

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Family Tree Builder 5.0

Family Tree Builder 5.0 from has been released, and it is a fairly massive update to the Windows genealogy program. It’s also a free update to previous owners.

This applies to both the free versions of FTB, as well as the ‘Premium’ and ‘PremiumPlus’ owners. There is only one download and it will detect if you had a Premium or PremiumPlus license.

New Features:
* Tree Consistency Checker
* To-Do Lists
* Improved privacy controls
* New/Better charts
* Mail-order posters
* DNA Marker Entry

* Export custom report to Microsoft Excel with specific fields for specific people (you select)
* Restore published trees from online family sites.
* Search and Replace functionality in almost every field of the family tree.
* Improvement in importing GEDCOM files, including asking user to identity their place in the tree to help set them as the ‘home person’ (or owner) of the genealogy project.
* Book reports can be configured based on the size of your printer
* UI/Icons improved and other interface enhancements
* Added photo info tooltips
* Updated user guide
* Associate photos with sources
* State a date for the residences of people
* Warn against possible duplicate entries when adding new people
* Option in calculating the married names of women, plus added support for married names of men
* Configurable options in displaying suffixes
* Can mark a person as “research-complete” and can find people whose research is complete or not complete.
* Improvements in sources and citations.
* Added option for specifying known number of children per family.

It can be downloaded here (

If you want a more detailed listing of what all is new or how the above features come into please, you can see this blog entry covering Family Tree Builder 5.0.

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